Precision Concrete uses Somero S-240 laser screeds...

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We take great pride in our floor slabs and the crews that place them.

Keys to high quality flatwork


bulletUse of Somero laser screeds to place concrete
bulletUse of pan floats and bump cutters
bulletMeasure each slab pour for flatness using F-meter
bulletTrained stable work crews


Precision's pour crews consistently make pours in excess of 70,000 s.f. maintaining F/FL numbers of 60/50.  Largest single pour made by our crews was 126,000 s.f.


(left)  Finishers use bump cutters are used in both directions to achieve maximum flatness.

(Right)  45 meter Schwing pump supplies concrete in front of 2 Somero laser screeds.


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Last modified: June 20, 2002